Sunday, 22 September 2013

Why DTDs?

Why do we need different type of DTDs?

We need them, because as we see from the basic definition they are packages or templates or sets of particular type of tags or more technically referred to as the HTML elements, so if user wants a particular set of tags to be used then the user may opt for that.

Below the meaning of each of them is given.

1. Strict
     It makes the developer follow the standards strictly without any loosely tied up tags or incomplete tags.
2. Transitional
    The transitional is used to have the backward compatibility. The designer get more freedom to use deprecated tags in this type of dtd.

3. Frameset
    The frameset standard allows the designer to use the collection of frame elements and their attributes to be included.They can be included even though they are deprecated features.
    If the user would like to have frames in their site then frameset dtd comes into play.

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