Friday, 29 November 2013

XML-The language of Creativity

The language that gives rise to creativity and freedom for a developer. It lets the developer design their own set of language tags that we generally oserve in a markup language. And at the end we get a markup language dtd based on XML.

The XML has built new range of platforms like Android interface development and Windows 8 interface development under XAML.

Imagine you are working with a website which deals with electronics products.What if you had your own language to which you can define your own rules.No more syntax bindings that were defined by others, no more limits of certain type of data not getting accepted into the forms. You get the leash to command the power of your own dtd.

Wouldn't that be great?

Let us have a look how that can be possible.

XML makes it possible. The famous Extensible Markup Language by which the most used applications in Android and Windows 8 apps are designed makes one reach dreams that were more tedious to reach and sometimes forgotten due to slower rate of milestone coverage.

What can be done?
Now let me see I can write my own set of tags such as <p></p>,<div></div> to make up a topic such as cuisines,cars,bikes,cartoons,trees,plants,animals,electronics anything you could imagine.

Why do I need custom DTD?
Custom DTD make it easier to navigate across one's program. For instance,consider a situation you read a program written by someone else defining variables like a,b,c,d for numbers, and aa,bb,cc,dd for strings.
When you as a developer try to extend it further it wastes time. But what if you can sensibly name those tags as <number></number> and <string></string> and then split into further classification such as <natural></natural>,<fibonacci></fibonacci> and strings into <alphabetical></alphabetical>,<alphanumerical></alphanumerical>.
How cool would that be?

It also provides a way to present the data using the XSLT type of Stylesheets.They are similar to the CSS stylesheets but mostly used in the XML programs.
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