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OpenGL Games

OpenGL is technology that enables the user to create graphics by literally joining dot by dot (technically pixel by pixel). The Open GL graphics libraries enable the user to use the language of their own preference such as C,C++,Java,Python and so on to create the graphics and animate their still pictures.

So which are the games that are built using the OpenGL libraries.
There are many old as well as new games that have been built upon the OpenGL graphics libraries.They are as well as heavy duty FPS games as well as the day to day addictive mobile games.

Some of them are as enlisted below.

Fans of these games may be many but do you know that these were built using the OpenGL libraries.

1) AngryBirds
Angry Birds game splsh screen_1
Angry Birds
Who does not know the AngryBirds game?
Angry Birds is a touch based Android and IOS (mainly touch screen) based game which provides many mind boggling, puzzling levels to be completed by the user and also in various flavors.

The Android version is made with the OpenGL's extension to smartphones category, i.e the OpenGL ES(Open Gl for Embedded Systems). It is often confused with the canvas concept of HTML5 as it is a mobile application and HTML5 is also a very well known technology in the field of mobile app development.

Angry Birds first came to the iOS operating system and dominated the Apple app store making itself the most downloaded gaming application in it's category.

Then moving on with different technologies and also increasing it's presence across platforms it made itself visible to the other major mobile OSs such as the Android OS and the Windows Mobile OS from Microsoft.

It also has it's similar version for PC market as well, it is so well built using the OpenGL in the beginning,it is easy to dominate all the other markets with an ease as it already has proven it's worth in a market which has about 10,000 daily application uploads.

Angry Birds has also made itself visible on the major gaming platforms such as the Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) with the supporting editions.

2) World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft gameplay
The fans of real-time strategy games, this game is a relic for them. This is a game which was launched in the late 90s. It did not require a lot of computer resources but attracted a lot many gamers, with it's astounding real-time graphics for a strategy game. It had magic and warfare combined all together under under a single banner.It rolled out it's series in the coming after years giving the player more what they yielded for with the expansion packs which were also full fledged gaming scenarios.

These were not the end of just the end of features it offered. It also made a mark upon the industry by proving a large community of the RTS gamers the MMO version of it under the Blizzard Network platform.

The World of Warcraft though an OpenGL project it defaults itself to D3D in Windows which is a part of Direct X package.

The online version of it enabled the player of have a gaming experience with 8 other players
 simultaneously with never ending skirmish levels.

3)Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider gameplay
Tomb Raider gameplay

The famous game series from a game originally based on the movie series named Tomb Raider is a very well known benchmark what the OpenGl has achieved. The Tomb Raider gaming series has been rated very highly by the various gaming networks across the gaming industry.

Tomb Raider gaming series is a game based on movies category game.

It has portray very enticing moments that one could feel only for a few number of moments in the movies. Here the player can live the game as long as they want.

Tomb Raider has it's series both in Direct X as well as Open GL flavors having it's own feature set to it. It does not mean that Direct X version is more enjoyable than the OpenGL or vice versa. It is the players' own perspective to select the graphics technology.

4) Commandos
Commandos Behind Enemy Lines gameplay
Commandos Behind Enemy Lines gameplay

The Commandos has been a benchmark for lovers of stealth and real time tactics oriented gaming series. It is the pinnacle at which gaming could reach for it's amazing gameplay experience and also really great difficulty level which made it much more challenging for the player.

The Green Beret from these bestseller of the 90s and 2000 series has been one of the main characters of the game which has it's appearances in all the four releases from 1998 to 2006.Although many characters come and go, but the gameplay experience gives really great feel.

The game offers the user to play the game and achieve the mission of the level intelligently in many ways.Some feel that it offers really constrained ways of achieving the completion of the tasks in it, but it is always upto the gamer to decide which could be the most efficient way achieve the task and also have fun along the way.

5) Unreal Tournament

Unreal Tournament screenshot 1

The fans of the gaming fests cannot forget this game series. This game does not let the player achieve much of the tasks, but provides a decent fun factor of playing with your friends across the LAN and the internet.

Unreal Tournament screenshot 2

Rather than shifting to other technologies Unreal Tournament has continued using the OpenGL as it's base technology to create it's most famous game series.

The Unreal Tournament contains a multi-player mode which enables user to have more than 6 players at once in a gameplay either on the same team (for co-operative gameplay experience) or separate to have individual gaming experience.

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