Friday, 21 March 2014

SMITE Open Beta Review

The developers of Global Agenda and Tribes: Ascend have yet another major offering to keep you glued to your screens, now providing an opportunity to play 'Mythological Godlike avatars' in their latest offering called Smite.

Placing yourself in the shoes of the 'Almighty' or a bunch of them 'All Mighty' if I might say, itself should give you an idea of what herculean tasks you would be asked to handle.

The feeling of 'omnipotence' brings an exceptional nature to this game. Limitless flow of power is just a part of the experience,but having an ultimate command over it and other such myriad abilities can seal the deal for you.

Spell slingers, knights in shining armor, snoopy hunters, shady assassins, brute warriors are the new God lineages here. Outgrowing heightened expectations is the least things you should expect as this mythological battlefield resides over the whole wide internet. Teleporting, Flying, Sprinting, and digging, you will have navigate and get around this game. Limited health and mana bars and ever recharging abilities give you extra bout of energy you need to keep going.

In the opening minutes of the match you start at the same levels as everyone else, but get stronger as you take on other opponents, minions or any other figures not allied to your side. Taking stronger figures or 'structures' head-on gives you enhanced growth during the gameplay, but gets you obliterated completely, finishing your team. It lets have loads of fun in teams or even dominate the battlefield if you can withstand the unleashed firepower by yourself.

Also by offering a third person perspective in the massive online battle arena it gets you in the middle of where all the real action is. Powering up decides the strength stature, but what matters is how you apply your experience to win. Well, 'domination' on the other hand, is pure skill which requires the tactical deployment of your hard earned rewards leading to a well earned victory.

The essence of the game comes from the way it allows you to be generic and control the 'believed to be complex' and difficult godly characters with just the WASD keys instead of mouse keys over a top-to-down view while you attack using those ever present mouse keys. It lets you completely control all aspects that include strength, speed and magic with just the most generic controls.

Conquering another territory tests every skill you can gain in the game from tactics to innovative practices. It also helps you focus on withstanding the firepower. Modeled as per the traditional 'Massively Online Battle Arena' standards it pins up players against each other in teams to conquer over each other.

You can also have a random selection in a casual game mode and you get to decide to be the best among the rest in a giant single lane battlefield. Teaming up or going solo against each other is up to you, just like the picking of characters in a single lane quick match. Every day brings a new surprise to the gamer as you face a new challenge to win over under the thematic matches. If you are a newbie you can of-course practice all of the modes before the first face-off against a real player.

No matter which 'pantheon' you love the most, a huge roster of characters is offered to be played with, some are free to start with some are to be won. Since every character has their own skill set and abilities, it takes some time to master them but along its way it lets you have loads of fun. Few characters allow you to use their abilities in combinations to strengthen them. Challenge players veiling control of the mighty godlike avatars and deities such as Zeus, Poseidon from Greek mythology, Ra, Anubis from the Egyptian tales, Thor, Alfather Odin from the Norse legacy including the latest additions being Scylla Horror of the Deep, Ullr The Glorious One and many more exist!! 

Teaming up does bring up a lot of imaginative thought process into work as to which godly ability suits you the best or better put, which tactic suits you the best - whether it would be damage dealing, tanking, crowd control, or supporting your team in overall aspects. The more inventive the player can become the more interesting the gameplay is as it allows you complete control over the character in the defined map area.

The UI both in gameplay and menu control is almost the same. As the game is in it's open beta stage we can speculate changes in the future. By offering various shortcuts to access the store features, tasks are simplified  and granting access to inter communication between gameplay with dedicated voice packs provides an awesome feeling. The game can be purchased or unlocked by experiencing it, if you excel ahead at faster pace the faster and more you are rewarded. 

The game provides a stutter free gameplay even at low end machines and on motherboard graphics. This lets every breed of player experience the game and gives you an opportunity for the developer in you to access a greater pool of players.

The game is set to launch on 25/March/2014.

The game is still in an open beta stage and is a free to play modelled game. It is a great addition to the MOBA community and is gaining more and more attraction from all aspects. It is standing up to the marks of the major players in the MOBA genre. It is a great MOBA to grasp your imagination.

There is also an upcoming tournament in the near future for SMITE fans. You can either attend it live or sit back and enjoy the show via the live streaming on a dedicated line on Twitch.
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